Emma Lauren is 19 years young and based in the heart of New York City. She works with a Canon Rebel XSI and a Minolta X-700. She uses both equally. Her goal is to meet new beautiful and beautiful people all over the world and capture their beauty inside and out. Don’t be afraid to inquire about collaborations. Emma Lauren Photography is all about meeting new people to create art with.

“Emma’s pictures are always heartfelt, stunning, and evocative. Her ability to portray emotion is a rare gift, and I’m sure she’ll do great things with her talents.” – Francesca

“Emma is one of the greatest inspirations of flickr. Her photos express so much without words. Amazing work is coming from this young girl.
I can’t wait to see more! Keep doing what you are doing” – Bianca

“I can really appreciate Emma’s photography. She does more than just take a pretty picture, a lot of work goes into her editing and the actual composition of her photos. I look foward to seeing her skills change as she starts college and studies photograohy, but as of right now her work is great.” – Shanyce